Another Year………………

Another year has passed us by and well some people may be more than eager to kiss 2018 goodbye, I am looking at it for inspiration going into 2019 rather than something I can’t wait to be rid of.

A lot has happened in 2018, I really haven’t been here that much (writing here that is) because I’ve been too busy and quite frankly tired lol! My career has been quite busy and I have been afforded some amazing new challenges that I am really looking forward to exploring. There have been a lot of tears in 2018 as well, I’ve missed my sweet little sunshine Cooper everyday and it has pained me to see his brother struggling with missing him too. I have missed friends that are a far and cherish every conversation and moment I get to see them, I’ve watched friends lose family and wished I could make it better for them. I’ve discovered that I can stay in a workout routine at home and develop better eating habits and like usual that I can easily fall out of them too and I’ve continued to battle with who I am and what I want out of life, what my style is, and who do I want to be.

So while 2018 wasn’t always easy, there is so very much that I have learnt from this last year. So you might ask, what are the resolutions for this year, what lessons are you taking into 2019?

I have to say it might sound a little strange but I have no real resolutions for 2019, none! I am not doing that to myself this year, setting expectations that I just get annoyed at not meeting.

What I am going to do this year is just be me, whatever that is or becomes!

The lessons I’m taking from 2018 are to take each day as it comes and hope…………hope that I can take time to get in shape, not because the world says I have to but because I feel better when I do, hope to write more and paint more and take more pictures because I miss my creative side and hope to sleep more because I need to!

These may sound like resolutions but they really aren’t they are just my hopes to be who I want to be without restrictions of what others expect me to be and if I don’t get to do some of them then so be it!

Whatever 2018 was for you, good, bad or ugly, I hope you take the time to appreciate the lessons it has provided you with, I hope you go into 2019 with hope for what this year can teach you and I hope that we all learn to be a little kinder to ourselves and spread that kindness to others because really that’s something we all need!

Happy New Year!!!



We all have our favourite things, brands we love and trust, foods we can’t get enough of and activities that make us happy and fulfilled.

Well one of my obsessions is a skincare brand, I can’t get enough of it and I tell everyone about it. This obsession started a little over 6 years ago with a few things, an urgent need for help, a special day and wanting to look my best and ever since I was recommended the first product I have been in love with everything I try by them.

Okay, okay, I know get to it, what brand are you talking about?

So my love is for Avène!

As I have mentioned in previous posts about this brand, they are a company based in France that focuses on the best products for your skin that will not cause reactions but heal. The thermal spring water found in all of their products works miracles and repairs skin and the layers underneath as well. You can check out their website for more history or refer back to my post on That Annoying Winter Itch. 

Why am I obsessed with Avène, because their products are amazing! I was first introduced through Cicalfate, an amazing restorative cream that does wonders on cuts, bites, burns (sun, chemical, razor, etc.), rashes, acne, you name it and Cicalfate can handle it. I always have at least two tubes of it on the go, one at work and one at home, and I try to keep some in my purse too because it always comes in handy. This is one of my absolute go to products that I will never go without. Cicalfate was quickly followed by their Mattifying Lotion, which was exactly what I was looking for to combat the T-Zone and provide moisture to the rest of my face and while it is now discontinued (tears shed), they have an alternative I am eager to try.

All time must have!

I have so many favourites and that is because every new thing I try I love. I have sensitive and allergic skin so I have to be so careful about what I use on it to avoid a reaction and I know that I won’t have any problems with Avène because they work to create products that are gentle yet effective.

Some examples of what I use include the Xera Calm A.D. Cleansing Oil and Balm to combat my dry itchy skin, PhysioLift to get ahead of anti-aging concerns, the Micellar Lotion is soothing and gentle and does the job and I am such a fan of the Cleansing Foam, it never leaves my skin feeling tight or dry, just clean and nourished. Not to mention the Thermal Spring Water Spray with is amazing at anytime of the day, especially great after a run!

Xera Calm A.D. Balm and Cleansing Oil

I could go on for days about all of the products I can’t get enough of but that might take a while. I think it is fairly clear to see that I adore this brand because for me it just works and because of that love, I passionately about Avène and as a result some of my friends ask me if I stock in the company because I am always recommending it to them. They listen though and it always makes me happy to hear the next day how much better their skin feels, how they can’t believe how quickly the products have worked to relieve their sunburn or rash or cut or reaction. I have hooked a friend onto their AntiRougeurs and she can’t believe how good her skin feels, she was given a prescription (a very expensive one) to combat her rosacea and after trying Avène’s AntiRougeurs she doesn’t use her prescription because the AntiRougeurs manages her rosacea and has her skin looking bright and clear with no irritations.  That is the beauty of Avène.

Not even everything I have

So next time you have a skin concern or are just looking for something that works, take a look at Avène, I promise you won’t go wrong! Happy skin everyone!



What’s in the creation of a tradition?

Traditions, we all have them for multiple things in our lives with a variety of different people. What causes us to start a tradition, is it something that just happens, is it something that we decide will become a tradition? I think that both happen, somethings happen more organically and others we choose to make a tradition to keep something happening in our lives.

As anyone else, I have traditions in my life, things that just need to happen no matter what. Recently, a new tradition was born with one of my absolute closest friends and that is to head to Le Nordik Spa Nature every spring……and we are thinking of adding summer into that too! We have a winter tradition of attending the ballet and recently we planned a trip to Le Nordik Spa Nature and it just seems like the next thing to always do. Le Nordik Spa Nature is located in Chelsea Quebec, just a short trip outside of Ottawa.

Le Nordik Spa Nature

We went back in May, so yes this post is a little delayed, and we had the best time. We went the day after that massive storm that had terrible winds and caused quite a bit of destruction but honestly we didn’t even think about that before we went as we had been planning our day for over a month, it can be tricky to get a whole day in when our lives are so busy. We arrived to the wonderful staff letting us know that unfortunately there was no power at the spa but there were only a few things unavailable as a result of that. We figured what the heck, there will likely be fewer people there so it will be lovely anyway. The only thing I was disappointed about missing out on was the eucalyptus steam room, it is one of my favourite places at Le Nordik Spa Nature. 

The day was perfect and honestly you really didn’t even notice the power issues, the staff were helpful and friendly and they did their best to ensure the experience was not tarnished.

It is so easy to spend the day just lounging from space to space, soaking it all in all.  One of the best experiences of the day, aside from convincing another friend that I happened to run into there to get into the frigid waters, was the Aufguss Ritual, this was an incredible experience!

Aufguss this way

The Aufguss Ritual takes place in the Finlandia sauna, one of the many saunas, and takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. It is a ritual that involves the space getting progressively hotter and the diffusion of three different essential oils that are placed onto giant snow balls that are melted over the rocks of the sauna all while between each essential oil the presenter distributes the scents and the steam throughout the space through a beautiful dance with a towel. It was so neat to see the control they had with the towel and to feel the waves of heat roll across my body. The ritual does get hot and we were all informed at the beginning to listen to our bodies and if it was too hot to be sure to leave to ensure our own wellness. I am lucky and enjoy the heat and was able to stay for the duration of the ritual.

Finlandia Sauna

It felt so amazing, having the heat sink into my body, my muscles and my bones just absorbing all of it. Once the ritual is complete this sauna has a salt scrub option after you are done, one salt is infused with mint and the other lavender, it is quite lovely to scrub down and rinse off before you proceed to your next destination.

If you have never been to Le Nordik Spa Nature I highly recommend that you do, I personally have not yet tried the many other services they offer as each time I have gone, I have just enjoyed the thermal cycle and some great food, I hope to enjoy many more of their services on future visits.

Thermal Cycle Cold Pools

This is a day you won’t regret, you will have the best sleep that night and feel energized and ready to take on your busy life again. Let Le Nordik Spa Nature take away your stress and leave you refreshed like nothing else can, you won’t regret the day away. This is exactly why my friend and I have purposely made this a new tradition, to take a day away to leave the stress of everyday life behind and feel refreshed.

If you are looking for a new tradition, please feel free to copy ours! We don’t mind ;). Here’s to relaxing and Le Nordik Spa Nature.


My Cooper

Cooper was a happy and content pup, but you could always tell when he was super happy because he would have a smile on his face that went from ear to ear and on top of that he would get what we called almond eyes. His eyes would change shape from a round shape to an almond shape; that’s when he was so very happy.

He would get almond eyes at least once a day and it usually happened when we were all together; especially if we were doing something as a family like going for a walk, playing in the backyard or even just doing chores outside together. Being together made him happy, to Cooper there really wasn’t anything better than being together as a family.

Happy after a walk

We were safe as a pack, we could protect each other always. I feel the loss of his presence every moment, the safety of the pack. Oliver is trying to figure out how to fill his paws as it were, trying to figure out how to keep the rest of us safe now that Cooper is gone, he misses his brother something fierce too.

My happy almond eyed boy, forever about his family that loved you more than words can ever describe. We all love him and hope that you are at peace and are happy and still watching over us.

Another ponytail donated! (Part 2)

In my previous post I mentioned that I was going to be donating my ponytail again soon. These donations are made into wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer. This is a cause that I feel strongly about just because it means a lot to people who are going through treatment and for me it is an easy thing to do.

On April 12th, one day minus 5 years since I donated my first ponytail, I donated my 3rd. Bringing me to a total of 3 feet of hair donated to date.

All tied up and ready to go!

And just like that, 10″ is off

Okay, next step time

This time after I made the cut I decided that I needed a change as well, something to make me feel refreshed and new again, so I decided to lighten up my blonde and be a little bolder.

I have a lot of hair in these foils

This is the most I have ever coloured my hair given how fast it grows, but I am really enjoying the lighter blonde, reminds me of when I was younger. I was a snow white blonde when I was younger and as I have gotten older it has turned into a dark blonde, so it is really nice to have the lightness back again and I think I will go even lighter in the future!

The Final Results!!

My beautiful stylist (pictured above with me) has been with me on this journey the whole time and I can’t thank her enough for all that she does for me, she is the sweetest and damn good at what she does!

There are people who go into the salon for a big change all the time and it’s nothing to take that hair and instead of letting it fall to the floor, tie it up and donate it. Next time you are thinking of a change, or know someone that is, take a step back and think about donating and helping others in their fight. Check out what organizations are available in your area that are doing good things.

Together we can and will beat cancer!!!


Giving Back – One ponytail at a time (Part 1)

We all identify with something about ourselves that makes us feel like us, normal and beautiful. For a lot of people, in my experience particularly women, that thing is their hair. It’s a huge part of who they are and how they identify themselves and having a good hair day makes them feel just right and confident.

I know that may seem odd to some people but it’s true, I see myself with the unruly dark blond hair that does what it wants to and some days that means I look like Medusa or like the main character from Brave (or at least it feels that way to me). The thing is though how we look or feel we look has a big impact on our confidence and how we feel in general.

Nearly 5 years ago I organized a small event for cancer, called Great Length for Great Strength, it was a hair donation event. I had decided many years ago that one day I would donate my ponytail and on April 14, 2013 I did just that! I cut off 13 inches of my locks so that they could be made into a wig for a woman in need. As I mentioned hair is a big deal and when you are fighting for your life and you lose your hair it can be devastating. I wanted to give back, if a wig can give a woman her confidence back and make her feel normal then maybe she will fight harder and if she fights harder then she can win! That is what I wanted!

Ready, Set…

… Cut

This small event had 10 participants donate, only 2 ponytails shy of 2 complete wigs. It was amazing! We donated through Pantene’s program, which provides the finished wigs to the Canadian Cancer Society, who then provides them at no cost to patients.

The final look of 2013

I loved the experience, so much so that I wanted to do it again and I did in 2016 (another 13 inches), again donated to the Pantene program.

Another 13 inches!

The final look of 2016


I plan to cut it again either sometime in April or early May, that will make 3 donations in 5 years, my hair grows fairly quickly, hurray! This time my donation will be supporting a local company making a difference, Hair Donation Ottawa.

This time when I make the cut I am looking for a big change. I want to try something new, the only rule I have is that it still has to go into a ponytail. So I’m looking for suggestions, what do you think, what should I do? I have taken a lot of pride in being able to do this, it is an easy thing to do and it means a lot to me, but I definitely want to have fun with it too, there is something so liberating about cutting off the length and having a whole new look, so let’s have fun!

The straight

Au natural, the curly…it gets curly when the weight comes off.

I will be sharing my experience of this cut with all of you so send me your ideas on what I should do after the big cut!

If you have never donated I highly recommend it, it’s an easy thing to do and there are several great programs that make it easy. Your simple donation can make someone feel like a million bucks and give them the strength to keep fighting until they win. You really can make a difference in someones life with just a ponytail!!



Let me start off by saying I love love, and I love seeing people happily in love. I am a hopeless romantic that feels all warm and fuzzy when people are happy in their relationship. This post however is about how I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day.

We all know that Valentine’s Day has a ton of hype but over the last few years it seems to just keep upping the stakes, for example who needs to give someone a car or a new phone for Valentine’s Day? It’s insane!

For the longest time, way back when, I didn’t like the holiday because I was alone  and it sucked being alone for such a love filled day, seeing everyone else happy and being left out was just the worst feeling.

After being in an amazing relationship I realized that I didn’t like Valentine’s Day because it wasn’t necessary and personally I think for a lot of people it’s a bit of a way out. The idea being that if you do something spectacular for Valentine’s Day it gets you out of showing you care for the rest of the year, or most of it. Please don’t get me wrong, like I said I love love and I am a hopeless romantic wanting everyone to find the right person to share life with, but to me that means showing you care every single day.

It is important to celebrate the special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, but for me Valentine’s Day means maybe a little chocolate, maybe a card and quality time together, not jewelry and cars and massive gifts, just each other.

My Rose Garden

Life is too short to wait to tell or show someone you care, do it every day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be as simple as getting their coffee ready for them in the morning or doing the dishes, cooking dinner or even just listening, really listening to what the other person has to say.

On top of Valentine’s Day we now also have Galentine’s Day and Palentine’s Day. What is the deal with this? To try to include everyone so that if you are alone there’s something for you too, I mean I can appreciate that from the perspective that I used to feel alone but these days surround the main event so you are likely still going to feel alone on the 14th. I think the same thing needs to apply to your friends, you need to make sure they know you are there for them on a continuous basis, it’s the little things you do that matter the most to people.

I know this post may seem cynical but I truly believe that we shouldn’t need a day like this to tell those we love just that, that we love them. Sure my hubby and I partake from the perspective of restocking a little chocolate after the Christmas stash is gone, a little something to hold us over until Easter ;), but that’s as far as it goes for us because we show each other everyday that we care. We will even randomly surprise each other with a treat or something just because we saw something and thought the other would enjoy it.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Do you love it or hate it, celebrate it or ignore it?

No matter how you feel about February 14th I hope you spread love, happiness and kindness every day! ❤😘


That annoying winter itch

This winter sure has been a cold one, I mean as Canadians we are used to cold winters but with several weeks of -20°C to -40°C, it has been a tad chillier than normal this year and I don’t know about you but when the seasons change my skin goes through a revolt! It’s like it hates me, it dries out and is itchy and there doesn’t seem to be any amount of lotion that will fix the problem………or is there?!? 😉

I am a huge fan of Avène products; I was first introduced to the company through their restorative cream Cicalfate when I had a nasty chemical burn and it worked miracles (check out my review of that product in my Must Haves post). Since then I have always kept an eye on their products and later last winter purchased their Xera Calm A.D. balm and cleansing oil and haven’t looked back.

Xera Calm A.D. Balm and Cleansing Oil

Avène is a company based in France that focuses on the best products for your skin that will not cause reactions but heal. The thermal spring water found in all of their products works miracles and repairs skin and the layers underneath as well. As noted from Avène’s website (link below) they define their thermal water as “Thermal water is naturally mineralized spring water with a composition suitable for therapeutic uses. It has a series of characteristics that provide it with health-promoting properties, recognized by the French National Academy of Medicine.”

The original Avène thermal spring water came from the Ste Odile spring which was discovered in 1736; 8 years later in 1743 the first thermal spa was constructed. It wasn’t until 1874 however that the spring was declared of interest to the public. The spa has continuously evolved over the decades, including the addition of the water research laboratories in 2007. The spring still produces a constant flow of 70,000 litres per hour.  The therapeutic properties of the Avène thermal spring water can be, and is, used to treat a variety of skin issues in people of all ages and skin types.

The Xera Calm A.D. balm is a lipid replenishing balm that is approved by the eczema society of Canada. This balm has a medium weight to it, not too thin but not thick either, but when you apply it you get the sense that you are getting a layer of protection on your skin and you don’t need a lot, a little goes along way. Once I started using the balm I stopped having those insanely itchy winter skin issues, my legs are always the worst.

Xera Calm A.D. Balm

The Balm!

Another product in the Xera Calm A.D. line is their cleansing oil. This is in place of that body wash or bar of soap, it cleanses without using skin drying agents and again a little goes a long way. The oil goes on smoothly and isn’t too thick, it foams up just a little and glides along the skin easily. It doesn’t feel like you are rubbing “oil” into your skin however, it doesn’t have that same feel as an olive or coconut oil. This cleansing oil is also lipid replenishing so it won’t dry out skin but replace precious moisture from the skin while leaving you feeling clean and fresh.

Xera Calm A.D. Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil

As many people, I have some eczema and hate when it flares up because it is so uncomfortable and  I can’t wait to get rid of it. With these products I can keep it under control and I am comfortable.

Whether you are fighting eczema or winter skin using these two products combined will keep your skin happy and healthy all throughout the winter season and beyond.

You can find the Avène Xera Calm A.D. balm and cleansing oil at most pharmacies, I always get mine at Shopper’s Drug Mart. They both run around the $27 mark, but like I said a little goes a long way and it is certainly worth the price for good quality and happy skin.

I have recommended these products to friends and family who are now believers and I hope that you try them and will be too. I will always have these in my skin care arsenal!

If you are interested in more information on the Avène Thermal spring water I highly recommend you check out their website as it is full of amazing information. (


Surprise………it’s 2018

So it’s midway through January already and I can’t help but feel as though the passage of time is ever increasing and the ability to slow down and reflect is not an option. I feel as though I have blinked and 2017 was over, there wasn’t enough time to do everything I wanted to do and to spend enough time with those I love. Honestly, I am not sure I am ready for 2018 but I don’t have a choice it’s here and already it too is disappearing.

As many of you may have noticed I haven’t posted lately and for quite a while. Well there are several reasons for that, work being insane, training for my first 5km race, and since October being sick on a pretty constant basis, one thing after another and the last couple of months something that has rocked me to the core, I will elaborate on that in a bit.

One thing that I have learned during this time is that I love writing this blog and that I have missed it. I am planning on trying to get some redesigning of it done and get on a regular schedule of posting, because I do have a lot to share with you all, from reviews to experiences and insights. I also want to take this year to focus on some self care and love. I know this is on the top of most peoples list this year and I have certainly said I would do this in past years but I think this year is more important than ever. I need to get out of the habit of being extremely hard on myself and in being this way I sometimes inadvertently take my frustration out on those I love the most and I am not going to do that anymore. I am going to be more caring and understanding towards myself, while still putting my mind towards my goals because there is nothing more important than being healthy and happy, surrounded by the people that matter the most.

Time to Write

Now to something more serious that I have been dealing with the last couple of months, that I am still dealing with and will continue to deal for for a long time to come. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have two beautiful English springer spaniels, brothers from the same litter, Cooper and Oliver are absolutely my heart and soul. I am someone who loves very deeply and recently I have experienced the loss of the most precious and amazing soul, my Cooper.

My beautiful baby, Cooper

He was the most amazing pup you could ever meet, one look at his beautiful face and you were instantly drawn into the magic that was him. You could look into those amazing eyes of his and he could see your soul and take away your pain in an instant, every hug just sucked away all of the bad in the world, I really can’t put into words everything that he was. He got sick and it became a battle we were never going to win, the vets are fairly certain it was cancer but tests were not conclusive.  It has absolutely killed us and some may say he was just a dog get over it, but not to us, not to me, my pups are my kids as it were and I have lost one, my heart breaks and is in constant heartache at his absence. He gave so much everyday. His brother Oliver is just as devastated as we are, he has lost his other half. They were so close it was unreal, from the very first moment we met them you could tell they had a bond like no other. It kills me to see him so sad and heartbroken as well.

Oliver and Cooper

I plan on sharing stories about Cooper on a page here because he has meant so very much and he was so very special, I want to make sure that not only do I never forget anything about this sweet soul but that he be shared with others, he deserved to be celebrated. I have found that writing about my memories with him has helped me in dealing with his loss, even if I cry while doing so as I am right now. I saw something recently that depicted how dogs are Earth Angels and I can attest to the truth in that fact.

A very special friend of mine knows exactly what I have been going through lately and she picked out the perfect gift for me, a simple notebook that’s cover page message is everything I need to do, “Write What Should Not Be Forgotten” and that is exactly what I intend on doing, capturing what is important and never losing sight of it.

So I hope that you will all continue to be patient with me while I make these changes and in sorts reinvent myself and grieve. It is important to share the amazing, the fun, the good, the bad and the ugly, not only for ourselves but to let others know they are not alone.

Welcome to 2018, ready or not.


The Fairmont Royal York, Toronto: A must if you’re in town

I recently went to Toronto for a couple of days and I stayed at The Fairmont Royal York as I have several times in the past. The Fairmont is a beautiful hotel with Gothic Revival styling and beautifully intricate work throughout, I mean you feel like royalty walking into it and are surrounded by luxury. The hotel opened June 11, 1929 and has been a staple in Toronto and its skyline ever since.

Make sure you get my good side

What time is it?

Time to check-in

I arrived into Toronto in the morning coming into Billy Bishop Airport, also known as the Porter Airport. Originally, only Porter flu into the city center airport but in recent years Air Canada has joined them, however to most people I know, it is known as the Porter Airport. Porter offers a free shuttle service from the island straight to The Fairmont so it is the best way to get there directly and the cheapest.

Upon arriving to the hotel I proceeded to the President’s Club line to see if my room happened to be ready for me, as I was early I wasn’t expecting it to be ready yet however I figured that I would check as you never know. In case you aren’t aware The Fairmont has a wonderful free program that guests can sign up for that gives them some benefits such as their own line to check-in and check-out, as well as free wifi. I approached the desk and was told that unfortunately my room wasn’t ready yet however I had been upgraded to a larger newly renovated room. I had some business to attend to so I wasn’t concerned over the inability to get to my room right away. I checked-in and mentioned that I would be back later to grab my room key. I headed over to the bell desk to have them hold my bags, which they happily did and proceeded to my meeting.

After I had concluded my business I headed to EPIC restaurant that is located in the hotel to grab some lunch. The wait staff are extremely nice and I ordered the daily salad which was a prawn, quinoa, and greens salad with a lemon dressing, it was delicious!

So yummy!

After a leisurely lunch I headed back to the desk to grab my keys, they were ready and I headed up to my room. Upon opening the door and walking into the suite I noticed that there were two double beds which I thought was odd as I had reserved a king so I headed back to the desk to see what had happened. The attendant at the desk was very sweet and asked me to have a seat and she would look into it. After a few minutes the manager come out and let me know that he was very sorry about the mix up but they unfortunately did not have any rooms left with a king but asked if there was anything that he could do to make it up to me. I said that was okay given that I was alone, if I hadn’t been than that would have been a different thing, so I proceeded back to my room to get settled in. My room was equipped with a foyer, a seating area that contained a sofa, two chairs and end table, a desk area, 2 double beds, a large closet and a bathroom complete with a tub.

Ready for bed

Have a seat….and a glass of wine

I changed into some workout gear and headed to the gym, bringing along my swim suit to hit up the pool after a run. The gym area is well equipped with treadmills, elipicals, stationary bikes and weight equipment. The treadmills are connected and provided you with an individual tv right in front of you alongside your stats. While I was there it was quite busy and as such I was unable to grab photos, sorry all.

After going for a 30min run, I headed back to the change room to put on my swim suit. In the change room they have beautiful wood lockers complete with keys for you to take with you while you are out enjoying the pool, additionally there is a steam room, a sauna and showers. They also have this really neat machine that you can pop your wet swim suit into after and wring the water right out of it leaving it only slightly damp.

The pool is a 15m long rectangular indoor pool that is only 1.3 meters deep but it is perfect to get some laps in. While I was completely my laps a staff member came out and asked everyone if they would like a bottle of water, which was just so nice to have such service and attentiveness. I did a handful of laps and then headed for the hot tub which was lovely; after which I popped back in the pool for a quick moment and then it was off to the sauna. The sauna is small and quant but can hold 4-5 people comfortably, possibly more if you want to get a little closer to one another and again it was heavenly laying there (I was alone) and just soaking in the heat, I wish I could have stayed longer but I had a dinner engagement and had to leave after a mere 15min visit.

Photo courtesy of The Fairmont’s website

One of the fantastic things about The Fairmont is that it is connected to the Path. The Path is a fantastic, if not occasionally confusing, underground pathway that leads throughout various areas of downtown. You can easily go from The Fairmont to the Eaton’s Centre without ever going outside, which in bad weather is fantastic to be able to leave your coat behind.

After coming back from dinner with my friend I was getting ready for bed and the manager called me to see if everything was okay with my room and if there was anything that he could do for me. I let him know that all was good and continued to get ready for bed, all the while being quite impressed with the care to check in.

The next morning I headed to my conference that was in the building and spent the day going from conference area to conference area. The breakfast, lunch and breaks provided delicious eats. Although I had to pass on the salad after only a few bites as it turned out to have some allergens in it that I don’t normally encounter while out and had a slight reaction to so darn no salad for me. At the end of the day I returned to my room to change before heading out for dinner to find a very nice staff member trying to get a hold of me in order to deliver me a bottle of wine, compliments of the manager for the room mix up situation. I was totally shocked, I obviously was not expecting this at all; I greatly appreciated the thought and gesture and of course the delicious wine.

The following day I woke up and began to pack all of my things and get prepared for the last day of my conference. As check out wasn’t until noon, I left my things in the room ready to go and headed back to the conference. Between sessions I returned to my room to grab things and checked out, then leaving my bags with the bell desk for the remainder of the day.

I left that afternoon by the Porter Shuttle located at the side of the hotel and began my journey home.

The Fairmont Royal York is a beautiful hotel that impresses me every time I go there and leaves me looking forward to me next trip back. If you have never stayed with them before I highly recommend that you do and see for yourself how caring the staff are, how luxurious every space is and how relaxed you will feel after your stay.

Happy Traveling!